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A New Birthing Paradigm

This birth of Merlinna Rogers and this first video footage that resulted was truly amazing because it challenged the standard concept about birth and showed the gentleness and beauty that is possible, although rare. It made one want to explore the mystery further and it stimulated many more questions than it answered.

Clearly, the subject required a lot more information than what was provided by documenting the birth of one baby in water, no matter how beautiful that birth had been.

Expanding the Video Project

It was obvious that the information needed to be put into a broader context and so an introduction that traced the development of the gentle birthing movement in the last century was written. The research showed that each birth improvement had built on the innovations that came before. It quickly became clear that water birth was indeed a logical next step; an extension of Leboyer's practice of putting the baby in a warm bath, to relax, immediately after birth.

Dr. Don Creevy, a California obstetrician with a strong commitment to gentle birth, was the first medical advisor to the "Water Baby" project. He was followed by Dr. Michael Odent and Dr. Michael Rosenthal. Dr. Creevy is also well known for his long-standing belief that most women with previous cesareans can deliver normally. It is only recently that the AMA has changed its position to agree with him on this issue.

In the film Dr. Creevy provides practical information about the physiology of water birth, answers many commonly asked questions, and evaluates the risks and benefits. Dr. Creevy sees water birth as a valuable tool for expanding gentle birth options, as he recognizes the warm water's ability to assist a laboring woman to relax deeply, so that her labor is likely to be shorter and easier.

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