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Connecting with Igor Charkovsky

After the French footage was edited, an associate offered to secretly bring the work-in-progress tape to Moscow to show to Igor Charkovsky, the controversial Russian water birth pioneer who developed the method in the early 60's. He was working underground.

Odent knew of Charkovsky, but their approaches were quite different. Whereas Odent was primarily concerned about the mother's comfort during labor and birth, Charkovsky focused on the baby. He believes that water alleviates the crush of gravity on the baby's delicate brain cells at the moment of birth and thereby enhances the baby's psychic abilities.

Charkovsky has assisted the delivery of hundreds of babies in water, and trained several midwives in the method. But, although he is well known and respected in Russia for his water training work with infants and young children, his water birth work was still quite controversial there, since the Russian medical establishment is at least as conservative as its American counterpart, if not more so.

When Charkovsky saw the in-progress rough cut of "Water Baby" he was amazed and delighted. He sent back an invitation for us to come to Moscow and film with him, so that his work could be included. In Moscow we shot fascinating sequences for the Water Baby video showing Igor's unique approach as he assists women during pregnancy to prepare for birth, and the amazing water training work he has developed, which is used with newborn infants and very small children.

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