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Water Training Babies in Moscow

An integral part of Charkovsky's water birth method is the water training he does with very young infants. He believes it is extremely important to their future health and development, and instructs parents in ways to vigorously exercise their babies in water. The purpose is to assist the children physically by building health, strength, balance, confidence, flexibility and endurance. This training includes an on-going program of frequent swimming and other water exercises in which both parents actively participate with their children. Flips, dives, tumbles, dunking, yoga and stretching are all part of the activities.

Igor's approach is unique in that his philosophy integrates the birth preparations, the actual water birth, and the infant water training into a cohesive whole system.

Although only the water training aspect of his work is recognized in Russia, he has been developing and using all parts of this method since 1963. Since then he has assisted the delivery of several hundred babies in water. A small but dedicated group of supporters assisted him in this work, and there are some Russian medical doctors who have adopted his practices.
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