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Back in the USA

When we returned home I felt sure we had all the material needed to tell the story of water birth, but I was wrong; there was still more to do. Just as I was completing the editing and was on the verge of finalizing the video I met Dr. Michael Rosenthal, the first American doctor to provide facilities for women who choose to labor or deliver in water.

At that time Dr. Rosenthal had created the first water birth center in the country, located near Los Angeles. After hearing about the film he was anxious to have his work included, so we packed up the equipment once more, crossed our fingers hoping our luck would hold, and went to Southern California to document water birth at Dr. Rosenthal's birth center.

Janet, Larry and Water Baby Sean

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. As soon as our equipment was set up, a beautiful couple appeared. Janet was in labor with her first child and wanted a water birth. When we proposed that I film her delivery, she was delighted. She told me that they wanted pictures of the birth but were disappointed because there hadn't been time to make the arrangements. Another perfect synchronicity.

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