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Dr. Rosenthal Takes Water Birth Even Farther

Janet's water birth was especially wonderful because she actually delivered her own baby. Dr. Rosenthal was sitting only a few feet away, ready to help if he was needed. He encouraged Janet to reach down, as the baby emerged, and lift her little boy up and out of the water herself.

It's impossible to fully describe the many layers of emotion that were written on her face as she birthed her baby. She was mystified, delighted, surprised, relieved, amazed, empowered, in love, and a little scared, all simultaneously. Seconds after the baby was out, she burst into laughter. Certainly this was a very different experience than we are accustomed to imagining when we think of childbirth.

Dr. Rosenthal modeled his center and its philosophy on Dr. Odent's work. However, his practice of non-intervention in the birth process and his method of supporting and encouraging women to deliver their own babies represents an even greater breakthrough.

Rosenthal recognizes the importance of women themselves being in control of the birth process and he uses the soothing properties of water to assist that goal. After speaking to several women who had delivered their babies at his birth center, and filming their stories, I was impressed with their enthusiasm and delight with the birth experiences they had achieved there.

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