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Embracing Progress and Improvement in Childbirth

The satisfaction and empowerment women can enjoy at the birth of their babies, when given the opportunity to utilize the latest innovation in the field of gentle birth - waterbirth - should not be easily underestimated or discounted. And, the ease and support that water birth provides for the complete involvement of fathers in the birth of their children is an important opportunity that should not be missed. Evaluations by parents and birthcare providers who have experienced waterbirth are overwhelmingly positive. Researchers are hardpressed to find any parents who do not rave about their waterbirth experiences.

Although at first it may seem strange or unusual to some, when evaluated carefully from the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, with the welfare of both mother and baby as the most important priority, it is clear that waterbirth represents important progress in the field of gentle, humanistic childbirth practices.

As Americans, we have a unique ability to hybridize. We have always been adept at taking parts of various things and putting them together to re-invent our own particular vision and version that incorporates whatever is most appropriate for our needs. Hopefully, the health and medical community will increasingly learn to apply that practice to water birth. In that way the benefits of this newest gentle birth method can be introduced into more progressive hospitals and birth centers across the country and thereby become available to a much broader group of women.

Where Can This Take Us?

Perhaps a gentle generation of babies born without pain, trauma or fear, but rather in a comfortable and supportive environment of reverence, wonder and love would be far more innately capable of non-violent conflict resolution and responsible stewardship of the planet.

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