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The Emotional and Spiritual Sides of Birth

Too often American hospitals are insensitive to the emotional and spiritual aspects of bringing a new life into the world and tend only to the body, neglecting the heart and soul.

Hospital personnel may treat the baby as insensitive, unseeing and unfeeling. They are frequently unaware of what humanist psychologists and psychiatrists have known for years - that there is much evidence to support the belief that babies are sentient not only at birth, but even before.

For nine months the infant develops inside the mother's body, nestled in the warm amniotic fluid. If all is well and normal, the baby floats in its dark, secure, cozy nest supported and protected, with all its needs met immediately. Food and oxygen are continually supplied and wastes removed via the placenta and umbilical cord. Everything is in perfect balance and the feeling is one of security and abundance.
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